Nip & Fab 365 Body Glow Fix


So this is the Nip & Fab 365 Body Glow Fix tanning gel. I currently can’t find my camera so I’ve just had to steal a picture from on-line to show you guys what it looks like if you haven’t already seen/purchased it.

I got a small version free with this months UK version of Cosmopolitan. I think there were 3 different Nip & Fab products to choose from and I chose this one simply as it was a tanning gel. 
The back of the product says: This is a clear tanning gel which gives skin a streak-free natural golden glow in 4 hours. Easy to apply and can be used on face & body.

I decided to use this on Saturday evening when I finished work as I’m fed up of being pasty next to my fiancé who is tanned all year round somehow! So I showered and exfoliated as recommended on the bottle and applied the clear tanning gel to my arms and legs. I did contemplate applying to my face but decided against it incase it turned me orange!

The smell while I was applying it was lovely, it was sort of a citrus smell so I was glad that it didn’t have that fake tan smell. Having said that, once it dried (which was very quickly) all I could smell was that biscuit kind of smell that comes with tanning!

When I woke up Sunday morning, I was slightly golden in places but the rest of me was an orange, streaky mess so I’m glad I chose to not apply to my face! My feet were orange, my legs were a patchy mess and my arms were slightly golden with huge orange streaks on my forearms so I definitely wasn’t impressed.

Part of me really wants to try this product again but maybe with a tanning mitt instead of my hands. I think the other issue, which was a big one for me, is that it is clear rather than a cream coloured lotion so as it dries relatively fast you couldn’t really tell were you had already put the gel.

So all in all, not particularly impressed but I didn’t pay out £6, which is what it costs in Superdrug currently, and then regret it. But I will try it out again and let you guys know how it goes on the second attempt.

Let me know if you’ve already tried this product and what you think of it.




One thought on “Nip & Fab 365 Body Glow Fix

  1. Yikes that sounds like a complete nightmare. I think I grabbed the smoothing leg gel with my copy of Cosmo I’ll take a look when I get home and probably give this a shot as the weather is meant to be hot hot hot tomorrow, the perfect excuse for shorts and (hopefully) smooth legs!

    Picture tip: If you have a smartphone take photos of your products on your bedding or in a nice backdrop and then upload them using the photobucket app. Any coding stuff I can help you with just drop me an email! ( When you’re uploading photos to blog entries use This will center your image and remove the border. But remove the asterisks 🙂

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