Sunday Pamper Night

Hi guys!
Now every Sunday night whilst the fiancé is watching some sport on tv, I always jump in a nice hot bubble bath to relax after a long working week. So here is what I use to pamper myself with once a week!

Now these two I mentioned recently in a mini boots haul blog post so I won’t say too much about them other than I absolutely love them! The bath float smells gorgeous and the body scrub is just so gentle on my skin.

So for my face: I recently bought a small bottle of the bioderma sensibio h2o from here and i use this first to remove all my makeup. I have to say I was a bit wary as its so loved by all beauty bloggers but I love it! It’s amazing at removing the crazy amounts of makeup I wear on a daily basis! Once I’ve soaked in the bath I use the Lush Tea Tree Toner all over my face aswell just to make sure I’ve removed all my makeup. I used to use this as a face spritz but the spray started to go quite weird so rather than a fine mist all over, it just sprays really thickly in one place so now I spritz it onto a cotton pad and wipe over my face. Finally I use my Clinique turnaround concentrate. I got this in a Christmas gift set from my future in-laws (they always give me mini Clinique things!) I haven’t really used it much but when I do it makes my face really soft and smooth. It’s quite a thick cream so I use this one at night and the La Roche Posay Effcalar Duo in the morning.

And finally body: Once I’m out of the bath and lounged around in my big bath towel for a while I make sure I moisturise. I’m normally really bad at remembering to moisturise so on a daily basis I use the Sanctuary Spa Body Moisture Spray which I just spritz onto my body and allow to sink in. I love the smell on this, even my other half loves it! Definitely buying it again. On my Sunday night pamper session I tend to use a body butter or a more robust moisturiser. So I’m currently using the Arora Body Butter in Pink Grapefruit which smells a-ma-zing! I bought this in Superdrug months ago and I’ve still got a decent amount left. It’s not too expensive either, no more than £5 if you want something that’s just like the Body Shop Body Butters but slightly cheaper. Then the last thing I use is the Soap & Glory Sit Tight Intense XS which is a body firming serum which you use on your legs where you would get cellulite. It’s a roller ball applicator so you just squeeze & roll it up & down your legs. It’s a clear formula which does make the skin heat up & tingle especially if you put layers of clothing on onc you’ve applied (I did this once and thought my legs were on fire! – not good) I’m not sure it’s really doing much for my cellulite but it was something I wanted to try out and it was on a 3 for 2 at boots!
I also use my pamper session to pluck and preen my eyebrows. It’s so much effort but my eyebrows just become so unruly too quickly! I also tend to make sure I’ve filed, buffed and occasionally painted my nails and feet as during this heat wave we’ve had in England I’ve been wearing my flipflops so my feet are a state!
So that’s my Sunday night pamper session!
do you have pamper nights? What sort of products do you use?



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