25 Facts About Me!

Hey lovelies!
So I know this isn’t a beauty post but in having a mental block at the moment (that and I’m stressed about life!) so I thought I would do a post about me! Hope you guys enjoy!

1. my full name is Natalie Dawn Mills
2. my birthday is New Year’s Eve – yes really!
3. I was born in Norwich but moved to Bedfordshire when I was 4
4. I am a massive football fan
5. I have a huge contingent of Irish relatives
6. despite being born in England, I support Ireland in football & rugby
7. I get married next September
8. I met my partner whilst at work 5 years and I love him more than anything. Below is a picture of us at my cousins wedding

9. I cannot wait to get pregnant & be a mum
10. I relish new challenges and recently applied to be a paramedic
11. my parents are my role models
12. I have the two best friends in the world
13. I really want a pandora bracelet
14. I spend a lot of time reading – magazines or books
15. I’ve only recently got into beauty stuff – I was a late developer with makeup
16. I never fake tan and I cannot get a proper tan because i just burn so I’m always pasty
17. I didn’t learn to drive until I was 22
18. I am the most unsporty person I know which is bad when my partner is an athlete!
19. I’ve had 4 jobs in the last 7 years and just started job 4 last week!
20.I love cooking food – I don’t always cook from scratch every night but I try
21. I also love baking, I make a mean Victoria sponge!
22. I’m determined to trace my family tree before I’m 50
23. I love a weekly pamper session – nice hot bath, face mask, hair mask = bliss
24. I’m a very good dancer! Hard to believe looking at my weight but I did dance in 6th form and I have very good coordination!
25. as much as I love my new job, getting up at 6.15 every morning is a drag!

So there you have it, 25 facts about me!
I promise I’ll be back on the beauty blogging soon



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