A Weighty Issue

Hey Lovelies

Again, this isnt a beauty post but I think i’m going to cover beauty, fashion & lifestyle on my blog now to give me a few more ideas for posts.

Today I want to talk about a subject very close to my heart and it will probably be quite a long one so I apologise in advance.

My weight

I’m currently hovering around the 13stone mark and wear a size 16 in clothing

I’ve been overweight since I can remember. The only time my weight was ever brought to my attention was during an asthma check-up when I was about 17. Now obviously having asthma is exacerbated by being overweight, so when I went to my check-up and I was told that I weighed 14stone 7lbs I was in a bit of shock. I managed to lose the first stone without really trying so at my next appointment I was 13st 4lbs. I think this was the point when I joined weightwatchers for the first time. I went with my mum and managed to get down to 12st 1lb but then I struggled to lose anymore and eventually I lost the will to bother. Obviously once I stopped I gained all the weight back.

I stayed at a steady 13 stone for years until I had to go onto the pill, which was just before I met Tom, my fiance. Now bear in mind that I was 13stone when the nurse put me onto the contraception. But everytime I went back to get another set of the pill, i would be weighed and berated for my weight. I was told all the risks that go with being overweight and taking the pill (heart problems/strokes/etc) and looking back now I believe it was a bad decision for the nurse to put me on the pill in the first place if the risks are so high.

However my weight never really changed. I rejoined WeightWatchers for a second time 6 months before I moved into my new house with Tom. I managed to get my weight down to 12st 4lbs and stay there for a while. However once I moved in with Tom my portion control went out of the window and I started eating more. So obviously I gained all the weight back again and I’ve stayed at 13stone every since then.

Yes my weight has fluctated up & down in the last 2 years but I’ve learned that if I cant love myself the way I am now that I wont love myself if I’m a size 12.
I’m now using MyFitnessPal app to count my calories & exercise to try & lose a little weight.

In our current culture where celebrities are deemed to have such perfect size 8/10 bodies, I believe this puts far too much pressure on young girls who feel they have to look like that to fit in in society. This is not true. Look at Dawn French, Gemma Collins (TOWIE), Christina Hendricks (Mad Men), Nigella Lawson & Adele. All of them are curvy & happy. They dont need to be a size 10 to be happy and I feel that magazines should show a more women like these rather than Victoria Beckham or Lucy Meckelburgh (TOWIE) who are tiny. Celebrities with tiny, overly skinny bodies are used as thinspo by young girls who look up to these women and think they need to look like that and this can lead to an eating disorder.
For me, I dont look for thinspo, I look for fitspo (fit inspiration). When I decided to try and lose weight this time around, I thought long and hard about what I wanted. I dont want to be skinny, I want to be toned, fit & healthy and my fitspo is Jessica Ennis (Heptathlete) because to me she has an achievable look. You just have to eat healthy & train hard if you want to be like that.
Kelly Osborne is another good example. She was a size 16 for years, took part in Dancing with the Stars (American version of Strictly Come Dancing) and lost the weight by dancing 6 days a week. She proved that to lose weight & keep the weight off you have to work hard at it.

Besides I cant lose too much weight as I’ve just received my wedding dress which has been made in my size! I get to pick it up on Tuesday and I’m literally so excited to put it back on!

So there we go, thats how I feel about weight loss, thinspiration & the media.
Apologises again that this post is so long but I needed to get this out in the open.




2 thoughts on “A Weighty Issue

  1. My weight has always been creeping up since school. I eat a lot of crap but i’m currently being tested for food intolerances. At my highest weight back in april I was 14st I’m currently 13st 5lbs. Admittedly I’ve gained most of my weight after getting with S because he can eat anything and not gain a single lb! in 2011 I weighed 154lbs (about 11st 4lbs) it’s so unfair!

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