August Favourites

Hey Lovelies,

I thought I’d do an August Favourites post rather than an empties post, mainly because I forgot to keep the empty bottles!

So here are my favourite things from the last month, both beauty & random:

Mac Face & Body Foundation – 
shock horror that this is in here! I love this foundation so much and I promise that there will be a review of this soon!
Arora Pink Grapefruit Body Butter – This is the only form of moisturiser I use. I think I mentioned it in my pamper night post. I got this from Superdrug last month & I love the smell of this and it is definitely a cheaper alternative to the Body Shop Body Butters.
Bioderma Sensibio H2o – Still my favourite make-up remover this month. I cannot believe how little I need to get all my make-up off. The 500ml bottle I bought a month ago is still almost full despite everyday use!

Bee Strong Intensive Hair Mask – 
I bought this on the recommendation of some beauty bloggers on twitter when I asked for advice on a decent hair mask. I have fallen in love with this. Its affordable, it smells gorgeous & it makes my hair really soft.
Bumble & Bumble Thickening Spray – This was a freebie with the last issue of Elle magazine. I’m not entirely sure that it makes my hair any thicker but I feel as though it gives my hair more volume.

Thunder Clatter by Wild Youth – 
This is the song from the Bose advert and it kept getting stuck in my head so I had to download it. Here is a link to the song if you havent heard it
Thunder Clatter 

Food & Drink:
Homemade Chicken Risotto 
– I am a fairly decent cook and this I would say is my speciality. I could eat this virtually everyday!
Dairy Milk with Oreo – How have I only just discovered this? It is a-ma-zing! I may end up eating quite a bit of this! which is not good for the pre-wedding diet
Mint Cookie Crumble Frappe – They sell these in Debenhams Estro Cafe where I work & I could probably drink one everyday if my bank balance would allow me!

So thats it for my monthly favourites. Hope you enjoyed reading about them.

What have you been enjoying this month?



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