E.L.F (eyes.lips.face)

Hey lovelies,

So after hearing so much good stuff about E.L.F products on twitter & from Mikhila (Miss Budget Beauty) I decided to take the plunge and purchase some goodies!

Now you cannot purchase E.L.F products in any stores in England, you can only order online which means that you can’t test them out before you buy. But seeing as the products are relatively inexpensive the ordering process isn’t something I have an issue with.


So here is what I purchased! I ordered a mineral infused primer which evens out skin tone. When you pump it out, it comes out a very dark green which is the pigment that helps even out redness. I’ve been using this for the last couple of days and I really like it. It definitely makes my skin look less red and it also makes my face feel very smooth when it’s applied.
I also bought the eyelid primer. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this product. I don’t think it makes my eyeshadow stay on any longer than normal but for £3, it wasn’t that expensive so I don’t regret trying it out.
I also bought the eyeliner/shadow stick. It’s a two in one product with the base colour at one end and eyeliner at the other. I bought the basic/brown one. The eyeshadow part is a shimmery golden brown which is gorgeous and I love it! I haven’t really tried the eyeliner out yet but I’ll give you my thoughts when I have!
I bought the E.L.F set spray as I was looking for a slightly better option than spraying hairspray on my face to hold my make (nb: I haven’t done that since 6th form when I developed an eye infection possibly from the hairspray!) I definitely think this helps my makeup stay in place a lot longer. I will test this out when I’m going out for a night instead of a daily basis kind of thing.
The final thing I got was the E.L.F powder brush which Mikhila mentioned in her top foundation brushes. I agree with her that it can be used for foundation as it’s a reasonably stiff brush. Ive been using it for my setting powder and it’s a lovely brush. Doesn’t pick up too much product so I don’t look cakey!

I think I can safely say I’m in love with E.L.F! I will definitely be trying out more products from them soon!

have you tried any products from E.L.F ? Do you like them?



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