What I Keep On My Bathroom Shelf

Hey lovelies,

So today I thought i’d show you guys what i keep on my bathroom cabinet/shelf.


photo 1front row (left hand side)

So on this side of the shelf I have my radox muscle relax bubble bath. I tend to use this after a stressful week at work. That is balanced on the Body Shop Honeymania Bubble Melt. I love this stuff! I was expecting to use loads in my bath but you only need a little and it smells amazing! Next to this is the No7 hot cloth cleanser & No7 eye cream. I bought both of these when No7 was on offer in Boots and I love them both. I only use the hot cloth cleanser once a week on a pampering night but it makes my skin feel so smooth & clean. I use the eye cream every night and it claims to reduce puffiness & dark circles. It definitely makes my eyes less puffy but I’m not too sure about making my dark circle less dark! Next to those are my cotton wool pads which I use to remove my makeup in the evening. Then there is the Sanctuary Thermal Clay Mask. This is amazing. It’s a self heating mask which when applied to the face heats up to help remove impurities. I try to use this twice a week to keep my skin looking clean & clear. Next is my beloved bottle of Bioderma. I’m still in love with this however when it runs out I may try out the L’oreal version as Bioderma can be expensive & you have to order online. Then there is the No7 gentle cleanser. I purchased this at the same time as the hot cloth cleanser. I use this cleanser everyday after removing my makeup just to make my face extra clean. The final
3 things in the above picture are nail varnish remover, which I don’t use very often as I can’t have painted nails at work but it’s always handy to have a bottle, then there’s a Sanctuary body scrub. This has become redundant at the moment as I repurchased Clinque’s sparkle skin (amazing) but it’s a good everyday scrub as it isn’t too abrasive. And finally there’s a pot of Arora Pink Grapefruit body butter. This is from Superdrug and it’s essentially a cheap version of the Body Shop version. It’s a good moisturiser however I bought the Body Shop version & I prefer that as it has a stronger grapefruit smell.

front row (right hand side)

 So next to the scrub & body butter is Palmers Natural Bronze body lotion. This stuff is brilliant. It gives me a natural golden glow after 1 use! Admittedly the smell is really unappealing (standard fake tan smell) but it doesn’t leave me looking orange or streaky! Definitely something I will repurchase as it was only £5! Bargain for a decent tan in a bottle! Next to that is the infamous Nip&Fab clear tanning gel that I mentioned in my first ever blog post so I won’t go on about this one too much, just check out the blog post on it. And finally on this part of my shelf is my very boring Sure deodorant. This is the no black marks one. Very boring!

photo 3 (1)back row

 And finally on the back row hidden behind everything else are my beauty products that I rarely use. First up is the Simple eye makeup remover. Sometimes I use this instead of Bioderma if my eyes are feeling particularly sensitive but I see this as back up for when I do run out of Bioderma. Then there’s an almost empty tube of La Roche Posay Effclar Duo. I wasn’t really a fan of this so I won’t repurchase. It’s supposed to help spot prone skin however I feel it made my breakouts more frequent! Next is the Simple face toner. This has probably not been use since I first started venturing into skincare. Again I see this as backup makeup remover when I run out of Bioderma. Next to that are two products from Soap & Glory. One is the Sit Tight XS and the other is called Firminator. I bought these on a whim hoping they may actually help me tone up. But no. I wouldn’t say these were a waste of money but they don’t exactly do what they claim. Next to those is the Tresemme 2in1 shampoo & conditioner. This is a backup. I’m currently putting myself on a spending ban til payday at the end of November so when I run out of my L’oreal elvive then I shall use this. I do like this shampoo as I feel that it does sort of clarify my hair after a long week of washing & products. Then there is my MAC brush cleaner which you can’t really see in its black box. I use this once a week to clean all my makeup brushes and it works brilliantly! And finally is a St Tropez instant tan which came free with Cosmopolitan. I haven’t used this yet but I think that I will purchase a tanning mitt before I do so I can try and get a non-streaky finish!

So that’s what I keep on my bathroom shelf. The inside of the cupboard is just filled with lady bits & medicines for various ailments! Tom has the other side of the cupboard and that’s all the bathroom space he has!

what beauty products do you keep on your bathroom?



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