Christmas! / #bigblogmasproject Day 1

Hey Lovelies

Today is the first day of #bigblogmasproject run by the lovely Nicole over at

For my first post I thought I’d keep it reasonably easy and just show you what Christmas decorations I’ve got up so far!
Normally I wouldnt put these up for another week or so but for some reason this year I’m super excited for Christmas so they are up today!

photo 3 (2)
These little guys I bought from Primark 2 Christmases ago. They are plush santa & snowman and they sit in my lounge window facing out so they can watch outside(!) photo 2 (1)
This is my mantelpiece above our little electric heater. I have 4 little tealight holders which I bought about 4 years ago from Frosts Garden Centre where I used to work. They’ve got little stocking & gingerbread designs on them & I think they are uber-cute. Between them is 3 little sequin/glitter christmas tree from Primark. I think they have these again this year but I cant remember if I have seen them. 
photo 1 (1)
And finally our tree! The tree itself is from Argos and even though I love it, I feel it looks a bit bare in the middle but nevermind! I’ve gone for a more grown-up colour this year. Last years tree was bright blue baubles and this year is silver  & gold. The bigger baubles you can see are all silver, theres matte one, glittery ones & mirrored ones. The little ones that you might just be able to make out are gold glitter. The star on top is also gold glitter. All of these decorations are current season at Tescos and the lot together cost my just £6! Thats for the tree topper (£1), 20 mini gold bauble (£1) and the 40 assorted size silver baubles (£4)

So there you have it! Thats the start of my Christmas decorations. Undoubtedly there will be another post on decorations before Christmas Eve as I intend on making my house feel very Christmassy this year!



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