Lush|Boots|Primark mini haul

Hey lovelies I went Christmas shopping in Peterborough with
my lovely mum on Tuesday and actually managed to get all my
Christmas presents except for the ones for my parents. I may do a
blog post on the presents I’ve bought for my friends, family
& Tom. I’m definitely feeling the Christmas spirit and I’m
more organised this year than ever! Now I couldn’t go shopping
without picking up a few little bits for myself! So here is what I
purchased First stop was Lush. I absolutely adore this shop
& I could smell it from the moment I walked into

20131203-165029.jpg I purchased the Cupcake face mask. I’ve been
wanting to try this for moments. I used the Catastrophic Cosmetic
(I think that’s the right name!) I think Lush fresh face masks are
brilliant. You keep them in the fridge and when you go to use
these, it so cold on your face & so refreshing! I also got
the Santas lip scrub as my lips have been so dry & cracked
recently that I thought I’d give this a go. It tastes just like
cola cubes! Amazing! And finally I bought the Golden Wonder bath
bomb. I’ve seen this on so many blogs and I have wanted to try it
for the longest time. When I picked it up l, I got covered in the
gold powder from the outside! But I’m hoping it will be worth it!
So excited to try it out at the weekend! Next stop was Boots

20131203-165531.jpg As I was buying 2 Christmas presents from here, it
made complete sense to take advantage of the 3for2 so I purchased
this hand soap & hand cream from Soap & Glory. It
smells amazing! It’s the hand food cream with the soap of the same
name. I’m going to have this in my bathroom and I’m sure Tom will
use some too! And lastly was Primark

20131203-170302.jpg I wasn’t going to buy anything from here for me but
I really needed some long, fluffy, warm pj bottoms and when I saw
these cute little purple ones with penguins and Christmas patterns
on them I couldn’t resist! These were only £5 I think and I also
got a little cami top to go with it. So they were my impromptu
purchases. I hope you enjoyed reading about them Natalie


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