What’s in my handbag – winter edition

Hey lovelies

So I’ve had to give up on the big blogmas project as I’ve been rather unwell & I just haven’t had time or energy to blog in advance. But I will try and blog as regularly as possible up to Christmas

Today, I’ve decided to give you guys a sneak peak into what I keep in my handbag

This is my current handbag. It’s from Oasis (I got mine in Debenhams as it has an Oasis concession) and it cost £38. It’s big enough for me to take to work everyday as I can fit everything I need including a lunchbox & water bottle.
And this is everything I have in my handbag



On the far left there is two perfumes – one called Noir from Ann Summers & the other is White Musk Libertine from The Body Shop. I love both of these. Noir has a very musky scent which is good for nights out and the White Musk Libertine is also musky but not as deep (if that makes sense?) and I use this on a day to day basis. In between the perfumes is a bottle of nail varnish remover. I keep this with me because as a food service supervisor, i have to make sure my staff arent wearing nail varnish so if i have this, then there are no excuses from them! In front of those is my purse from Accessorize. I love this purse. It is a gorgeous blue/green colour with a little bug detail on the front. On the inside theres enough room for 4 cards with little pouches to store any other cards you have. Next to this, there is all my makeup/beauty things I carry. Theres L’Occtaine hand cream, Carmex lip balm, Maybelline FIT me powder, Santas lip scrub from Lush, a mini hand cream from Lush, Coralista lip balm from Benefit, E.L.F powder brush & No7 intense volume mascara. I only carry around the bare minimum that I need should I have to redo my makeup. Next to that is my mini folding hair brush to keep my hair in check. I also carry a pen incase I need one (always need one when I dont have one) I also have painkillers & a little tin of womanly bits(!) and finally I have my Christmas gloves that I bought from Tescos for £2! They keep my hands lovely & warm, and they have little white pom poms on them. They are so cute!


So thats what I currently have in my handbag

What do you have in your handbag?



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