Christmas Eve

Hey lovelies

So tomorrow is Christmas Eve and I’m so excited!!
I actually have the day off work as Tom is also off work so this means we get to spend the day together. And this is in fact our last Christmas as an unmarried couple because we get married next September!

We intend on doing absolutely nothing for most of the day. I have got a mountain of mince pies to make! I’m making some for my parents and some for Toms family because I’m such a nice person (haha!)
We’re then going round to my parents for dinner as we are spending Christmas Day with Toms family this year so this is our chance to spend some time with my parents at Christmastime. I fully intend on wearing my Primark Christmas leggings (which I mention in my winter clothese post) round to my parents as they won’t care what I’m wearing & they are so comfy! This means we get to eat lots of lovely homemade food, swap presents & I can have a glass of wine or two!

So those are our plans for Christmas Eve
what are you doing on Christmas Eve?



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