2013 Beauty Favourites part 1

Hey lovelies, I know this is going up a week before the end
of 2013 but between now & the new year I am so busy with
work and then my 25th birthday on NYE! Now I didn’t really get into
beauty products until mid way through the year but this is what
I’ve loved this year:

Bioderma H2O Sensibio – oh.my.god! This was a revelation for me. When I started reading beauty blogs, everyone was raving about this and I thought I need to get my hands on this! So I eventually bought this on Escentual. I started with a small bottle and fell in love so when I ran out I purchased the 500ml and I’ve been using that since! I cannot explain how good it is but it just removes all my makeup in one swipe!

MAC Face & Body Foundation – for a while, I couldn’t really justify spending a fortune on a foundation but when I changed jobs & got a massive paycheck from the place I was leaving I decided to treat myself. I’ve written a whole blog post on this so I won’t cover old ground but I’m definitely glad I bought it

Benefit The Porefessional– I got a mini version in a gift set and finally got my hands on the full size version at the cosmetics gala evening at work when it was 15% off. I love the way it makes my skin feel so smooth and it definitely makes my pores more reduced

Umberto Giainni Colour Luxe Shampoo – I only purchased these at the start of December but I love them. They make my hair super shiny and they smell gorgeous. These have definitely made their way into my favourite ever shampoo list

Organic Surge First Class Mask I only discovered Organic Surge in October when I entered a competition to win one of these face masks which was run by miss budget beauty & Organic Surge. It smells like rose hip oil & I love it. It’s not too thick to put on your face and it feels so lovely on my skin. It doesn’t dry out my skin & leaves it feeling moisturised

Super Beauty Raspberry & Cranberry Shower Gel i was in Boots a few months back when I spotted this. They were on offer and I thought I’d give it a go as I love fruity smelling shower gels. I did try the vanilla & honey one but it smelt far too sickly! So I fell in love with this & I’m definitely purchasing another one!

So these are some of my beauty favourites from this year! Look out for part 2 in the new year!



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