Hey lovelies,

Sorry I’ve been absent again for so long! I’ve had massive bloggers block & then been snowed under with work. But I’m back again and I’m back with a tag.

As I’m yet to have a youtube channel (too scared to set one up!) I thought I’d do this on here! Enjoy!

1 – What are you wearing? –  Skinny blue jeans, black vest top, blue zip up hoodie and a heart print pink pashmina
2 – Ever been in love? –  Yes I’ve been in love once.
3 – Ever had a terrible break-up? – No
4 – How tall are you? – 5ft 4 & a half (yes the half is important!)
5 – How much do you weigh? – More than I should (12stone 13lbs)
6 – Any tattoos? – No but I really want one on my ribs that says ‘What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger’
7 – Any piercings? – Just my ears. I did really want my lip pierced when I was about 18 but I never went through with it!
8 – OTP? – Ron & Hermione from Harry Potter… Or Harry & Ginny (yes I love Harry Potter!)
9 – Favourite show? – I have more than one. I love Outnumbered, Eastenders, Supersize vs Superskinny & Man vs Food.
10 – Favourite bands? – Biffy Clyro, Paramore & Kids in Glass Houses ❤
11 – Something you miss? – My family. I don’t see them as much as I should.
12 – Favourite song? – Got to be the song Tom & I are having as our first dance at our wedding. This I Promise You by NSync (cheesy!)
13 – How old are you? I am 25
14 – Zodiac sign? – Capricorn
15 – Quality you look for in a partner? – Sense of humour & kindness
16 – Favourite quote? – What Doesnt Kill You, Makes You Stronger
17 – Favourite actor? – I’m not sure I really have one…. *thinks*
18 – Favourite colour? – Purple & Coral (not together though!)
19 – Loud music or soft? – Definitely got to be loud!
20 – Where do you go when you’re sad? – I tend to wrap myself up in a blanket & lay in bed
21 – How long does it take you to shower? – About 10/15 minutes
22 – How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? – 40 minutes.
23 – Ever been in a physical fight? Yes when I was in middle school. It was a proper cat fight where she pulled me to the ground by my hair…
24 – Turn on? – Tattoos & muscles
25 – Turn off? – Rudeness
26 – Fears? – Spiders & heights
27 – Last thing that made you cry? – When I got stressed out at work when I was ill!
28 – Last time you said you loved someone? to my mum & Tom via text and to my nanny on the phone this morning
29 – Last book you read? – A Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time  by Mark Haddon.
30 – The book you’re currently reading? – The Snowman by Jo Nesbo
31 – Last show you watched? – Man vs Food (food obsessed I know)
32 – Last person you talked to? – I went and saw some of my old workmates today so I had a nice catch up with them.
33 – The relationship between you & the last person you text? – He is my husband to be 🙂
34 – Favourite food? – Tomato pasta bake with garlic bread or chicken risotto
35 – Place you want to visit? – Australia or China
36 – Last place you were? – Tesco
37 – Do you have a crush? – No I don’t
38 – Last time you kissed someone? – This afternoon when I said goodbye to my mum.
39 – Last time you were insulted? – Last night when Tom was being mean! *sad face*
40 – Favourite flavour of sweet? – Blackcurrant. I always save the purple skittles to last as I love them!
41 – What instruments do you play? I don’t! Last instrument I played was the recorder in lower school
42 – Favourite piece of jewellery? – My beautiful engagement ring
43 – Last sport you played? – Whats sport? Haha!
44 – Last song you sang? – Conspiracy by Paramore. I always sing when I’m driving!
45 – Favourite chat-up line? – Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?
46 – Have you ever used it? – Nope
47 – Last time you hung out with anyone? – If you discount my mum & Tom, probably a good 2 weeks ago when I saw my best friend.
48 – Who should answer these questions next? – I tag Nicole from Coleoftheball, Mia from Prettyecletic, Yuna from techbunny & Jemma from thenameofbeauty – Go Girls!

I’ve omitted the youtube questions seeing as I’m doing this on my blog.

I hope you enjoyed reading a few little facts about me!



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