Perfume Collection

Hey Lovelies,

Today I thought I’d take you through my perfume collection as I have a lot more than I can physically use in one go! 

First up is my current favourite: Boss Nuit pour femme – my parents finally bought me this for Christmas having wanted it for the last year or so. I absolutely adore the smell of this perfume. I suppose its more of an evening fragrance although I sometimes use it during the day. I tend to spray it onto my neck & wrists as normal but then spray some onto my pashmina so that I can smell it all day! Here are the scents that make up this gorgeous fragrance:

  • Heart notes – White Flowers, Jasmine, Sensual Violet
  • Top notes – Aldehydes, Peach
  • Base notes – Crystalline Moss, Creamy Sandalwood
  • Scent – Floral Fruity

Next up is White Musk Libertine which is from The Body Shop. I purchased this when I was inbetween perfumes and wanted something that smelled nice but was also reasonably cheap. This is the perfect everyday scent for me. This is also a floral scent which I think suits me down to the ground. This is what The Body Shop say about their fragrance:

A bold new twist on musk, this sensual eau de parfum features a heady blend of cruelty-free musks at its top, heart and base, with sweet notes of Turkish delight, baby orchid and Chantilly cream.

Another of my favourites is a Christmas present from my future in-laws. They bought me Happy Heart which is one of the new fragrances from Clinique from the Happy range. Clinique is always a brand that I have a lot of faith in as they produce some of the best quality skin care, body care & make-up that I’ve ever tried (my best friend is always raving about their foundation, but I’m yet to try it!) So I always turn to Clinique when it comes to my skin care so I was super excited to try out this perfume. Again its a floral fragrance (spotting a pattern?!) Here is what Clinique say:

Clinique Happy Heart. A wealth of flowers. A hint of warmth. A deepening of emotions. A fragrance that captures the “heart” of the floral notes of Clinique Happy, but with a twist.

And finally was a cheeky purchase from Ann Summers of all places. Its called Noir &  I never thought I’d like this but I have to admit that I do like this a lot. I purchased it when it was on offer when you bought underwear or something (I cant quite remember and FYI I only buy underwear from Ann Summers! TMI!) Its completely different to the other 3 perfumes I’ve mentioned above as it isnt floral (SHOCK!) This is one I definitely only use on a night out. Here is what Ann Summers say:

It has a sweet, sophisticated scent, and unlike most perfumes it contains pheromones. Pheromones are the colourless, odourless chemical signals given off naturally by your body, and in Noir those effective chemicals are wrapped up in a deeply sensual, erotic scent.

So there you have it. My perfume collection! I hope you enjoyed reading it.

Have you tried any of these perfumes? What are your favourites?



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