Bedtime Routine

Hey Lovelies

Today I want to share with you what I do when I get ready for bed in the evening.

First thing I do when I get in from work is get changed into my comfy clothes AKA joggers, vest top/jumper & fluffy socks.
So the first product I actually use isn’t even one for my face, its for my feet. Once or twice a week when I get home from work, I pop on some of the Soap & Glory Heel Genius Foot Cream. I spend most of the day on my feet so they definitely deserve a treat every now & again!

When it comes to my actual bedtime routine, I tend to do this just before bed although occasionally I do this when I get home from work aswell!

First thing I do is remove my make-up. I’m currently not using my beloved Bioderma (Shock Horror!) as I received some of the Clinique Take Off The Day makeup remover for Christmas. This is one of the only products from Clinique that I’m actually not particularly fond of as it makes my eyes feel greasy. It works well, thats a given with Clinique, but I just don’t like the residue it leaves on my skin.
After this I use The Body Shop Vitamin E Cleanser followed by the Vitamin E Toner . I adore these as they are so gentle on my skin and they remove the rest of my make-up really well. So if you are looking for a bargain cleanser & toner, The Body Shop is the place to go!
The final step of my nighttime routine is my eye cream & moisturiser/facial serum. At the moment, I’m loving the range from Philosophy that I got in the Boots sale. I’m using the Eye Hope multitasking eye cream which is supposed to reduce puffiness, dark circles & fine lines. I’ve noticed a reduction in puffiness & dark circles. Then I alternate between the Hope In A Jar moisturiser & When Hope Is Not Enough facial serum both of which leave my skin feeling smooth & supple. My one & only issue with the Philosophy range is the smell. It has the weirdest smell I’ve ever encountered but I try to ignore the smell when I’m putting this on! Someone did point out that Hope In A Jar smells a little like sambuca and I have to agree.

Thats my bedtime routine.

What products do you use in the evening?



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