Hey Lovelies,
So its been a while since I posted a wishlist and I’m fast gaining a lot of things that I really want to buy so here is part of what is currently on my wish.wish.want list.

First up, I really need a new bag for work as I’m carrying around a lot of notepads, paperwork & random bits in my bag at the moment! My current bag is not quite big enough so I was browsing ASOS and spotted this beauty from Faith. I’ve pretty much fallen in love with this and with it only being £35, that is money I’m willing to part with!bag

I could also do with some new clothes to wear for work as I’m always wearing the same sort of clothing everyday (black trousers and formal top) Now i’m working in a retail store, albeit in Food Services, I feel that I should actually dress more feminine. So I spotted this dress in Next a few weeks ago and wasnt too sure about how it would look on me but its something that I definitely want to try. Its £45 so I will definitely be popping into store to try this on!


Next on my list is something that every beauty blogger going raves about. The Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm. Now that I’m getting more into my skincare, I frequently find myself browsing Space NK online store and I always spend too long just staring at this wondering whether I should purchase this or not. Its currently £34 for 100ml tub. I think this would last me a while so I won’t regret buying it.emma

Another high-end product on my list is the Laura Mercier bath set. Unfortunately you currently cannot buy this as I believe it was a Christmas product line. It’s a honey bath with a body cream and I think it was about £60 for the set. You can buy these separately on the Laura Mercier website for $50 each which is about £30. If these sets come around again this year, I will be persuading Tom to buy me it for Christmas!laura mercier

A makeup product this time. I saw both Lily & Anna talking about this on their blogs and I fell in love with it. Its the Smashbox Full exposure palette which you can buy from the Smashbox website for £36. Its a mixture of shimmery & matte shades, 7 of each. It also comes with a double-ended brush with a different end for shimmer & matte. This is something that I will be laying my hands on when payday rolls around as I think the shades in this are so wearable on a day to day basissmashboxAnd finally is a Diptyque Eau de Toilette. Now I know deep down that I will never ever splash out £50 on a perfume but I just love the packaging on Diptyque products. Its just so simple. This is the Philosykos scent and it has a fig smell to it. You can also purchase this on the Space NK website (see I told you guys I’d been on there a lot!)

So that is my current wishlist

Whats on your wishlist?



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