Life Update

Hey lovelies,

I thought today I’d treat you to a little lifestyle post & give you a little update about whats going on in my world.

So as you guys may, or may not know, I get married in September (eek!) Its now only 6 months away and we’re slowly starting to get the final bits together.
We’re getting married in the most gorgeous venue that we absolutely love – The Barns Hotel in Bedford. We’re getting married in the old barn and I’m so excited to get it all decorated!

We had our menu tasting on Wednesday and have chosen our menu. It was literally some of the best food we have ever eaten!
I’ve had my dress for a couple of months now and I’m going for the first dress fitting in 2 weeks time which is so exciting. Luckily my dress was made in my size so it shouldnt need too much adjusting. So I finally bought my shoes on Thursday (yesterday as you read this) I bought them from BHS and they are gorgeous. Just the right height to wear all day & not tower over Tom! All I need to do on payday next week is purchase my bridal lingerie to go under my dress. I found a gorgeous set in Debenhams today so a big bonus that I’ll get my 20% discount! So hopefully we dont have too much to do in the run up to the big day!

Other than that my life is pretty much work, work & more work! I changed jobs in August and since that point – 6 months – my actual manager has been there for about 3 months of that! So I was well & truly thrown in at the deep end. However, this has had its benefits, I think I’ve definitely progressed quicker as I’ve had to learn faster to be able to hold the team together & keep the place going. I went to head office a couple of weeks back to learn about margins & profits, so once I go back from my week off, I’m back in at the deep end trying to claw back the over spending!

So thats currently whats happening in my life. There will probably be more posts in the run up to the wedding!

Whats going on in your world at the minute?



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