My Hair Story

Hey Lovelies

I recently saw another blogger do this on their blog (I think it was Anna) but I thought this would be a really cool idea for a post. So here is my Hair Story! Enjoy!

I’ve got naturally brown hair, not too dark, not too light. I’m also lucky that it is naturally straight(ish) I do have one side that like to curl under & one side that kinks outwards! I’ve also almost always kept my hair at below shoulder length and I’ve always had a fringe, be it full or side swept.

My hair wasnt always dark. When I was little – about 3 – I had very very light brown hair, I mean borderline blonde but it got darker as I got older. My hair when I was young was always reasonably short as my mum hated my hair long as – and I quote – it looked like rats tails if it was too long.
Once I was allowed to have a say in what my hair looked like, I managed to grow it out and eventually had it layered and feathered around my face as I had really thick hair in my teenage years. If I didnt have the layers put in, I literally just had a wedge shape at the back of my head! Attractive!

I’ve also dyed my hair a few times. I went through a phase is Upper School (maybe year 11) when I dyed my hair a dark red colour and I fell in love with my hair like that. Problem was, when my roots started to come through, I either had to re-dye it red, or dye it back to its natural colour which is what I did. And this then lead to one of the worst moments of my life.

Toni & Guy frequently do deals where if you get an apprentice to do your hair, then you get it for 50% of the actual price. This was when I decided to have T Section highlights. Now I won’t lie, I loved having highlights, I just didn’t like the process!
Now when I had these done, I’d not long dyed my hair back to brown. They did ask whether I’d used a henna dye and I said no, not really understanding why it would matter. The trainee then proceeded to put the dye & foils on and left me for 5 minutes. When he came back, the foils had started to heat up because the highlight dye had reacted with my brown hair dye and could have caused my hair to fall out! I panicked so much that I was going to lose chunks of my hair. Luckily they managed to save it! But that definitely put me off have highlights ever again.

As much as I love my hair, there are currently 2 things I dislike.
1 – I’m actually starting to find grey hairs at the age of 25 – meaning that I will need to start dying it again. (Thanks Dad for the great genes with hair!)
2 – It never holds a style. I can curl my hair before leaving for work in the morning, spray it with hairspray and by the time I get to work, the curls have dropped out! Its so irritating!

So that is my hair story. I hope you enjoyed reading it!



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