L’Oreal Fibrology #2

Hey lovelies,

So I promised you guys weekly updates on this product but however I decided that if I used this product for a few  weeks before giving you my full review of it then I would be able to give a better all round review.

For the first week of using this, I was using it everyday. (and before anyone says it, yes I know I shouldn’t wash my hair everyday but if I don’t it just looks a complete mess) I absolutely loved this for the first week and I’ll definitely agree that it makes your hair look/feel thicker. I was loving the added bounce to my hair! But for me this is where the good points end.

I felt that it was making my hair very dry & therefore a lot more tangled than normal. Even my tangle teezer was struggling to get through the knots left in my hair by this product. I definitely felt that the ends of my hair were lot drier whereas the roots & mid-lengths were holding onto the product which just made my hair feel very clammy (and this lead to me using a lot of dry shampoo to make my clean hair actually look clean!) and no matter how long I spent washing the products out of my hair, I was still left with the same result which became very frustrating.

I spent the last two weeks alternating the L’oreal products with the Aussie Mega shampoo & conditioner to stop the product build-up that I seemed to be getting.

Now if you haven’t tried this and still want to, please do, I’m in no way trying to put anyone off buying this. I think the reason I have issues with it is because I use it everyday. Maybe the ingredients in it that make your hair thicker means that it should’t be used everyday, I don’t know. I’m not denying that it did what it said it would do, I just think over-use is my main issue.
So all in all, I still don’t completely understand the science behind it and how it makes your hair thicker but  if you don’t wash your hair everyday and want thicker hair, I would recommend this for sure!

Have you tried the Fibrology range? Did you suffer product build-up?



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