Garnier Nutrisse Foam Hair Dye

Hey lovelies

Courtesy of my brilliant genes from my fathers side, I’m starting to get grey hairs! So I decided that it was time to dye my hair to cover these up.

Long gone are the days of wanting crazy colours, although I did toy with the idea of dying my hair a dark cherry red, so I settled for the  shade 5.3 – Medium Golden Brown. This was my way of covering the grey but also adding some lighter tones to my hair colour.

Now if you’ve never used a foaming hair dye before then you so should because, for me, it so much easier than using the normal liquid ones which I struggled to get the entire hair covered.
So to use this, you tip the colourant into the developer bottle, screw the pump onto the top then tip the bottle upside down 5 times to mix the two together. All you have to do then is pump the solution out onto your hands (gloved of course) and massage into your hair all over.
(Make sure that you put some conditioner/vaseline around your forehead and ears to avoid staining them with the hair colourant!!)
Because this is a foam, it means that its a non-drip solution. So you leave it on for the recommended time (30 mins) and then rinse it out until the water runs clear.

And now my hair is a beautiful golden brown colour when it catches the sunlight and I absolutely love it!

I would absolutely recommend these hair dyes to anyone who is looking  to dye their hair. There are so many different colours to choose from that you will find one that suits your needs.

Have you used any hair dyes recently? what did you think?



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