Palmers Cocoa Butter Natural Bronze Gradual Tan Lotion | Review

Hey Lovelies

Now I’m not one for fake tanning as I’m a pale English/Irish Rose in reality. I don’t tan when I sunbathe, I tend to burn then peel! So when the gradual tanners came out into the market many years back, I knew these were things that would change my life (and my skintone!)
I’ve tried various gradual tanners over the years – Dove Summer Glow, Garnier Summer Body – but none of them really stood out for me

Then I came across this beauty. I can’t remember whether someone recommended this to me, or whether I saw it on another blog but I just knew I had to try it.

Heres what the website says:

This creamy, moisturising lotion, with a special combination of pure Cocoa Butter and Vitamin E, is the perfect way to keep your skin beautiful and soft with a natural looking glow.

With just a touch of self tanner, Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Natural Bronze creates a delicate, sun kissed, summer glow all year long.

Gradually build a subtle tan within a few days, while deeply moisturising your skin.

From fair to medium to dark, control the intensity of your skin tone all year round.


This is possibly the best gradual tan I’ve ever used. I tend to ignore this over the winter months as I prefer the thick body butters from Soap & Glory or The Body Shop. I used this for the first time in a while again yesterday and I’ve woken up the morning with a proper golden glow after just one use! I’m definitely considering using this for my wedding day instead of paying for a spray tan, especially as I know that I can get a golden glow after one use!
The only downside to this tanner is that it does leave a funky smell. I assume that is supposed to be the smell of cocoa butter but I just smell biscuits! Luckily after the first day you put it on, the smell starts to fade but if it really bothers you, you can use another body lotion over the top to mask the smell!

Have you tried Palmers Gradual Tanner? Or any other gradual tanners? What did you think?



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