90’s Kids Tag

Hey Lovelies,

Back with another tag today. I watched Lily & Anna‘s video on Youtube yesterday and I just HAD to do this tag as I was born in 1988! And as I don’t have a youtube channel, I thought I’d do it on my blog!
Hope you enjoy reading about my 90’s memories!

1 – Favourite Disney Film? – Cinderella was hands down my favourite, but I also really liked Sleeping Beauty & Lion King (and yes, I cried when Simba’s dad died)

2 – NSYNC or Backstreet Boys? – Backstreet Boys! Nick was my favourite. I think I even still have the Backstreet Boys Greatest Hits somewhere in a box!

3 – Favourite Music Artist? Spice Girls. I had the t-shirts, the cds, the film, I even had a Baby Spice doll! I was literally obsessed. I loved B*Witched aswell!

4 – Favourite Candy/Sweets? Thanks to Anna remembering them, Starburst Joosters were definitely a favourite of mine growing up. Candy necklaces & the long liquorice laces, which were banned at my school discos because people were whipping people with them!

5 – Weirdest Fashion Trend? Although I never had them, skirts & trousers that were joined together were always a weird thing to have. I also had some hugely flared trousers that, just like Lilys, used to get ripped at the back because they were too long!

6 – Favourite Game Console & Games? I only had one games consoles & that was a Sega Mega Drive. I had Sonic 1, Sonic Spinball, Street Fighter, Italia 90 (which I used to play against my dad and if I was losing I would restart the console!)

7 – What Would You Watch After School? CBBC was my evening TV. Things like Tracey Beaker, Arthur, The Snorks(!) We did eventually get Sky TV which meant I got into Nickelodeon and shows like Keenan & Kel & Sabrina The Teenage Witch!

8 – Favourite Books? Anything by Jaqueline Wilson! and then Harry Potter when they rocked around, but I’m sure that was after the 90’s

9 – Favourite Clothing Store?  Tammy Girl definitely. I remember having a khaki coloured t-shirt with a dark green glitter heart on it & I loved it!

10 – A 90’s Beauty Memory? Hair glitter. I remember getting a set for Christmas with a bronze one in & I loved it so much. The roll on body glitters were definitely a highlight of the 90’s. I loved layering this on before school discos!

So there are my 90’s memories! I tag anyone who wants to do the tag!
What do you remember about your childhood?



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