Little life update

Hey lovelies

I thought I’d pop up a little post to explain why I’ve been absent from the blog for a bit.

First & foremost, me & Tom move house on Friday so we’ve spent the last 4 weeks packing up & taking things over to the new house & making a lot of trips to the tip! I promise once we are settled in there will be more posts!

Secondly, I’m still majorly snowed under at work due to a lack of staff and/or manager which is pants!

But the main reason for my absence is the fact that I discovered last week that my ex boyfriend commuted suicide. I’ve been pretty cut up about it, thinking about all the things I should or could have said but it’s too late. I’m still struggling to come to terms with it even though we had a lot more bad times than good (it’s a long story) but what makes it worse is that no one close to him will tell me anything which hurts the most.

I promise you guys that once I’m back up & running, the blog posts will be back in full flow.

I hope you guys understand my reason but I’ll be back soon

Loads of love & hugs




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