All Used Up #1

Hey Lovelies

I’m back on the blog again! If you saw my last post, you will understand why I’ve been away but I’m all settled and ready to blog again.

Now I never collect enough over the month to do a monthly empties, so I’m going to start a new series called All Used Up. This will be posted whenever I have enough empties to warrant a blog post on them! (so probably every 2 months or so!)

So here is the first edition!

photo (2)

First up – the boring deodorant. This will always be in the empties. This is one of the compressed cans from Sure which is handy because I can just shove this in my handbag if I need to and it won’t take up too much room. Not really much else I can say about this. I don’t particularly like the scent  of it as its too powdery but a deodorant is a deodorant!

On to the skincare & hair care, which is basically the rest of the empties! There is the Organic Surge First Class Mask. I won this (maybe not this exact bottle) in a competition run by Miss Budget Beauty in conjunction with Organic Surge. I think I’ve promised you guys a review on this for months and never got there but once I repurchase this, there will be a full review. But I loved this mask, my face always felt so soft after using this.

Next is the Charles Worthington Salon At Home Moisture Seal Masque. I absolutely fell in love with the scent of this. It smells like a proper, really expensive salon masque but for a bargain price. You are supposed to use this a quick masque whilst in the shower, however I spread this all over my hair, massaging in as suggested and then wrapped my hair into a Primark hair turban and left the masque on for a couple of hours to really soak into my hair and hydrate it. This is a definite repurchase!

On top of that there is a small bottle of the Philosophy ‘When Hope Is Not Enough’ Serum. I bought this in the Boxing Day sales as part of a Philosophy gift set. The smell of this isn’t brilliant. I’m sure another beauty blogger said to me on Twitter that it smelt a little like sambuca! So once I’d learnt to ignore the smell, this product worked wonderfully on my skin. I didnt get any breakouts while using it. I used it as the last step in my evening skincare for a while and it left my skin glowing and soft in the morning. Not sure I would repurchase though as it is rather expensive.

Next up is another face mask – this time its the Sanctuary Spa 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask. Its a clay mask which feels warm when you put it on your face and cools down but never really sets the way most clay masks would. I used this in conjunction with the Organic Surge Mask because I only used this on my forehead, nose & chin. This is mainly because I have quite dry cheeks at the best of times and I thought this may dry them out even more. I can tell you now that I looked very attractive with a grey forehead, nose & chin and then bright white cheeks (there are no pictures so you’ll just have to trust me!) This is another repurchase however at the moment I’m using the Origins Clear Improvement Mask but there will be a review/comparison post coming up very soon!

And finally there are 3 body butters, all of which are sample sizes. There is The Body Shop Deluxe Chocolate Body Butter, Soap & Glory Butter Yourself & Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter – all of which I got in gift sets at Christmas. I adore the two Soap & Glory body butters. They left my skin feeling super hydrated and they smelled gorgeous so I’m hoping that Soap & Glory is on 3 for 2 at the weekend as I’m attending the Northampton Blogger Meet and I can guarantee that we will end up in there! I wasn’t overly enamoured with The Body Shop Deluxe Chocolate Butter. As much as I loved the smell, I felt the consistency was really strange compared to the other body butters I’ve used from The Body Shop. It was almost solid which I had to scrap out with my fingers and then it turned to an oil when II applied it on my skin. Not loving it!

So there you have my first All Used Up post. I hope you guys enjoyed reading about what products I’ve used.

What products have you used up recently?



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