Northampton Blogger Meet – The Goodie Bags

Hey lovelies,

I know this post is a little later than planned but in big exciting news – we’ve bought a house!!! So I’ve been off dealing with the paperwork, but here in all its glory is the #northamptonbloggermeet goodie bag post!
So when we got to Pizza Express, Amber & Mia had already put all the goodie bags in the restaurant. There was 2 hanging on the back of our chairs, one with a tin of Kusami BB Detox tea (which is currently in my office at work) and a Blogger Programme fabric bag stuffed full of yummy treats. We got 4 bags of Metcalfe Skinny Topcorn – Heat & Sweet, Sargant Salt, Sweet & Salt, and Sweet Cinnamon Spice. I absolutely loved these especially the Heat & Sweet flavour – yummy! We also got a packet of PopChips, Hotel Chocolat Salted Caramel Puddles and a bar of Sesame Seed chocolate!

Then onto the main bulk of our goodie bag
photo 3 (5)
I’ll start from the top (I’ve already mentioned the things on the right hand side of the picture)
So first up is the Catwalk by TIGI Headshot Shampoo & Conditioner. These smell amazing and I was intrigued as to what they would do for my hair. There will be a review up on here in a week or so – keep your eyes peeled!
Next is some sachets from Oqibo. This is a brand I’ve never heard of and I’m still to try the products in the samples. Then theres 3 mini samples of La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo[+] which I absolutely love so I’m so happy we got some minis of these – perfect for travelling! Underneath those as some samples from Viridian. There is a small tub of coconut oil and some vegetarian capsules which again I’ve not tried but I’ve smelled them and I’m not overwhelmed by the smell! But I might give them a try – keep an eye on my twitter for an update!
Then there is a sample of the NSPA Hot Cloth Polish which I’ve been using as a second cleanser in the evenings to remove all my makeup. Its definitely something I would buy the full size of.
There is a tube of They’re Real mascara from Benefit. I just cannot get on with this mascara. It makes my eyelashes really clumpy and stiff and it really does nothing for them! However I have been told it is better when it starts drying out in the bottle so I’m just going to wait and then try it out again.
Next up is a dry shampoo from Paul Mitchell. Again, I’m yet to try this however a dry shampoo is a dry shampoo so I’m sure it’ll be good!
Then we have 3 products from FemFresh – a deodorant,  a daily intimate wash and some freshen up wipes (which I think would be great for festival season!)
And then finally on the top row we got some makeup! There is 3 products from W7 which is a brand I’ve heard of but never tried. We got a powder blush which looks crazily pink but is actually quite pale on the skin. We also got a tinted moisturiser (not pictured) which I’ve been using on a daily basis in place of a normal foundation and I love it. And finally we got a lipstick. Mine is a bright red glittery lipstick. I’m not sure when I’ll wear it as its not really a colour that suits me. We also got 2 nail polishes – one from Topshop (mine is Grey) and one from Beauty UK called Shoreditch Electric Blue.

Onto the products on the left hand side (there was sooo much stuff!!)
Firstly there was a sample of Gentle Cleanse & Make Up Remover from Green People who are an organic brand. I’ve been using this in the evenings to remove my makeup and it does a really good job. Love it!
We got a bottle of perfume from Yves Rocher, a toner from Skinetica & a make up brush from Nanshy. Still need to give these products a go!
We also got an instant tan from Make Believe. I am up for giving this a go once I get a new tanning mitt! I’m not a big fake tan person but if its instant, i’ll give it a shot!
Next up was another dry shampoo but this one was a little different. Its from Ambience and rather than a spray, its a powder dry shampoo. You tip the brush every so slightly so that the powder comes to the top and then you brush onto your roots, I’m definitely excited to try this.
Next to that is a tube of Pearl Drops toothpaste. I’ve already been using this before we got the bags as I purchased one the other week and its definitely whitened my teeth!
We got a Thigh & Hip Firming gel from Champneys. I’ve used this a couple of times and I love the smell of it – not sure what it will do for my hips & thighs!!
And finally we got some mini samples from Green People & Anna De Jeunesse which I can’t wait to try.
The other thing you can see in this picture is a pink box from Anna De Jeunesse. It contains a bottle of Liquid Gold which I won in the raffle at the start of the day. I will be doing a review on this because I fell in love with this within two uses! So look out for that!

So that is everything I got in the goodie bags! Once again, thanks to Mia & Amber for organising such a good day and giving us so many amazing products to try!

Lots of Love




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