Anna De Jeunesse Liquid Gold

Hey lovelies,

So as I mentioned in the Northampton Blog Meet posts, I won a prize in the raffle! I got to choose the item that I wanted and I loved the sound of Liquid Gold so thats what I picked (obviously!)

Its by a brand called Anne De Jeunesse who I hadn’t heard of until the meet up. Their website says that their products are : “A young, natural, fresh line designed to produce radiant skin with all the freshness of its natural ingredients which benefit the skin from the first application.”

So onto the Liquid Gold:
photo 1 (5)
The packaging on both on the box & bottle is very simplistic which I like. I love the bright pink box as it feels very girly! And anyone who knows me, knows I’m the least girly person ever! It has a screw top with a little plug in the top so that if you knock the bottle over without the lid on, you won’t lose any product.

photo 2 (5)
Onto the actual product.

Here’s what the website says:Dry-textured, delicately perfumed Argan oil that nourishes and tones the skin, giving it a silky texture, adds gloss to hair and strengthens the nails, making them more resistant. Has high moisturising power and maintains the skin’s firmness and natural elasticity, softening, regenerating, soothing, protecting and toning the epidermis. Argan oil is rich in vitamin E.”

Its a lovely golden colour (obviously as dictated by the name!) and it smells gorgeous. I only use this in the evenings and the first few applications, I over poured this onto my hands as there is no pump. So I ended up covering my face in a very thick layer which wasn’t my intention! I’ve since learnt to pour a little slower.

Not only can you use this on your face but you can use it on your nails to strengthen them and even use it on your hair as a treatment.

I have definitely fallen in love with this and I will probably repurchase when I eventually run out!

Have you tried any products from this brand? Have you tried Liquid Gold?



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