Catwalk by TIGI

Hey lovelies

Another review for you today. This time is the Catwalk by TIGI Headshot Shampoo & Conditioner from the Reconstruction range.

In the run up to the blog meet, Mia emailed us all and asked us to pick a shampoo & conditioner from TIGI. I chose the Reconstruction range as I’ve always got slightly damaged hair as I’m always heat styling my hair.

I love the smell of these, they just smell luxurious and almost a little menthol-like (just me?) The shampoo lathers up really well even if you use the tiniest amount  and the conditioner leaves my hair feeling super soft and silky

photo 3 (6)The packaging on these is gorgeous and very sturdy. And the packaging is my only issue with these products. The shampoo bottle is fine as the shampoo just pours out. However getting the conditioner out of the bottle whilst in the shower is a complete and utter pain! Because the bottle isn’t overly squeezable (is that a word?!) it takes an age to get any conditioner out. I have to hold the bottle in one hand, balance it on the other palm and try to squeeze the bottle with both hands to get any out!!

So all in all, I love these products and I will definitely be trying more products from TIGI

Have you tried TIGI products?



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