Another Life Update

Hey Lovelies,

Apologises for being so absent again. Everything in my world went a little bit topsy-turvey for a couple of weeks and I was also suffering with bloggers block, but hopefully I’m over that now.

So here’s what has been happening in my world recently


So as you all know if you read my blog, I work for Debenhams. What you probably won’t know is that when I joined in August last year I was well and truly thrown in at the deep end. Within a month of me starting as supervisor, my manager went off on long term sick and only made a brief appearance over Christmas before they left completely. So I’ve been running the cafe on my own virtually since day one. Now i’m not saying that is a bad thing. Its massively improved my development and I’ve learnt a lot more by actually having to learn it myself!
Now, we are currently awaiting an internal & external audit so everything’s gone a bit cray as I’m having to check, double check & then triple check all my paperwork! But the bonus of this is that if I pass the audit with flying colours – there is absolutely no give & take with food services, you either pass with a minimum of 98% or you fail completely (no pressure) – then I will actually be given the managers job as my store manager recognises that I’m working my hardest to move the business forward. So – as my store manager said – there’s my carrot, I just have to get it.


So we moved house at Easter, into Tom’s parents house with his younger brother. There have been a lot of ups & downs in the last four weeks that we’ve lived here. However, we are moving again in 5 weeks as we have bought our own house which is very exciting! We were loaned the money for our deposit and we went and visited a new development over in Rushden, fell in love and put a reservation on it. So we are now super excited as this will be our own little house to live in once we’re married and I cannot wait to get my interior designer head on and start picking little things for around the house. I’m already eyeing up a dressing tables and some MUJI storage for all my makeup! 


And finally, the biggie. We get married in almost exactly 3 months! Time has completely flown past and we are now just getting around to send the invites out. We still have a few little bits to sort out but this is where you guys come in. I will be documenting the final 3 months in the run up to the wedding with hair trials, makeup trials, pictures of invites, wedding shopping, the entire lot (and of course there will be a post wedding post once I’m back from our honeymoon!) I’m so excited to share the run up to the big day with you lovely lot and hopefully you’ll enjoy seeing into my day.


So that’s where I am in life right now. There will be some posts up in the next few days, I’ve got a manic weekend at work to get through first and then I’m all yours! 

See you soon



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