Soap & Glory Orangeasm Body Wash

Hey Lovelies,

So I’m back again with another review.

Now I bought this body wash on a whim when I was at the #NorthamptonBloggerMeet in April.
I love all of the other Soap & Glory body washes & Soap & Glory products in general but I just haven’t fallen in love with this one. I was expecting an overly synthetic orange smelling product and I just didn’t get that. And when I say synthetic, I mean the really sweet smell like the Sugar Crush Body Wash.

Here is what Soap & Glory say:

Our zesty-fresh and revitalising ORANGEASM™ Body Wash is scented with fresh green mandarin, Sicilian lemon and sweet orange peel oils. 

With skin softening, moisture boosting properties and our exclusive MSUDS™ technology, TRIPLE TEA™ antioxidant complex, GINSENG and PINKPEPPERBERRY™, there’s really nothing quite like it! 

Now don’t get me wrong, I like this shower gel, I just don’t like the smell of it. To me, it doesn’t smell overly orange and some people will love that about this.

It lathers up really well on the skin or on a body puff and feels very moisturising as do most of the Soap & Glory body washes. The body washes also last ages as well. I’ve had this bottle for just over a month and even with using it everyday, I’ve barely made a dent in the huge bottle!

This is definitely something that once it’s used up I won’t repurchase this scent but I’ll give the Sugar Crush one a go again.

Have you tried Orangeasm? What did you think?



Northampton Blogger Meet

Hey Lovelies,

So on Sunday I went to my first ever blogger meet up in Northampton. It was organised by Mia (Pretty Eclectic) and Amber (Ambers Beauty Talk)

Having absolutely no idea how to get to the meeting place, I met up with the lovely Jemma from The Name Of Beauty & Jasmine from Jasmine Hearts beforehand and we headed to Revs where we were all meeting.

photo 1 (3)Most important thing first! It was after 12pm when this happened so the alcohol is fine! I had the Strawberry WooWoo, it was amazing! We all sat around, chatted for a bit and then Becky from Harlequin Cosmetics came in to chat to us about her products. She bought all her products with her that are all handmade and they were amazing! My favourites were definitely the Dolly Mixture shower gel which just smelt like melted sugar(!) and the California Daze Body Butter which I will definitely be purchasing soon

She also bought us little samples of Mint Chocolate soap & Coconut Soap which also smelt so good – my handbag still smells like them!
photo 2 (3)

The girls – as well as preparing the most amazing goody bags (There will be a separate post on this as there was so much stuff!) also did a raffle for us all. I won a bottle of Anne De Jeunesse Liquid Gold which is a facial serum which you can also use as a hair treatment. I’ve already used it twice and I think I’m in love with it!

We then headed off to Pizza Express for some yummy food. When we got there we were surprised with not one but three goody bags chock full of amazing things. We also got the cutest cupcake which was made by Mia & Ambers family bakery! It was absolutely delicious


I have to admit I was a Pizza Express virgin until then but I wish I’d gone sooner! The food was so delicious. I had doughballs, Leggera Pollo Ad Astra & Chocolate cake.

Once we’d all eaten, we all went our separate ways to do a bit of shopping before heading to Lush for a party. However, this was the point that I had to leave because I had to get to work so I missed the Lush party. I did pop into Lush before I left and picked up another Brightside bubble bar – which I love & a Dragons Egg Bath Ballistic which I cannot wait to try. Apparently everyone got gift bags from Lush too so I can’t wait to pick mine up from Jemma and see what other goodies I have!


So there is what happened at the Blogger meet. There will be another post up in a couple of days about all the goodie bag bits & pieces!
And thanks again to Mia & Amber for organising such a brilliant meet! It was truly amazing.



MAC/Origins/Lush Haul

Hey Lovelies,

Well as it was payday Friday (last Friday as you read this) I decided it was time to splash out on some new skincare, makeup & bath products. This will more than likely be my last big haul before my wedding in 5 months time!

So here is what I purchased:

photo (1)


Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer (£10)  – I’ve been wanting to try this concealer for the longest time. It comes with 2 different colour concealers, one for dark circles & one for blemishes AND it comes with its own setting powder in the top. I cannot wait to try this out.

This Works Deep Sleep Stress Less Rollerball (£12) – I’ve seen a lot of bloggers talk about this and I nearly bought it before Christmas. But now that I’m slightly more stressed out at work and not really sleeping properly, I figured it was a good time to try it out.

Origins Clear Improvement Charcoal Mask (£22) – I’ve been using the Sanctuary Spa Clay Mask for a while but once that ran out I decided that I wanted to try something different. So when I was recommended this in a #bbloggers chat, I thought I’d give it a go. I will be doing a review on this once I’ve used it.

Origins Super Spot Remover (£14) – This is the tiniest bottle ever! However, you dont need a lot of product at a time. I very rarely suffer from breakouts but when I do, I get those horrible under the skin blemishes that take forever to surface. So I’m hoping that this will help when I do get them.

Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub (£5.50) – I bought the Santas Lip Scrub at Christmas and I’m pretty much through that pot so I thought I’d buy another one ready for when my lips start drying out.

Lush Brightside Bubble Bar & Lush Comforter Bubble Bar (£4.50 each) – I absolutely love these Bubble Bars. My best friend got me to try the Comforter just over a year ago and I fell in love so that was a definite repurchase. And when I saw its bright orange equivalent, I knew I had to try it. It smells so citrusy and I cannot wait to use these!!

MAC Zoom Lash Mascara (£14) – This was a complete & utter impulse buy. I was at the till, saw it & bought it! I’ll let you guys know what I think about it!

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural (£22) – I’ve wanted this powder for the longest time ever and today was the say to splurge on this. I’m so excited to try this

AND because I spent over £30 on MAC, I got a £5 voucher to spend between 31st March & 30th April. So I will potentially be buying something else from MAC next payday!

So theres my haul. Keep your eyes peeled for any reviews on the products mentioned above.




My Hair Story

Hey Lovelies

I recently saw another blogger do this on their blog (I think it was Anna) but I thought this would be a really cool idea for a post. So here is my Hair Story! Enjoy!

I’ve got naturally brown hair, not too dark, not too light. I’m also lucky that it is naturally straight(ish) I do have one side that like to curl under & one side that kinks outwards! I’ve also almost always kept my hair at below shoulder length and I’ve always had a fringe, be it full or side swept.

My hair wasnt always dark. When I was little – about 3 – I had very very light brown hair, I mean borderline blonde but it got darker as I got older. My hair when I was young was always reasonably short as my mum hated my hair long as – and I quote – it looked like rats tails if it was too long.
Once I was allowed to have a say in what my hair looked like, I managed to grow it out and eventually had it layered and feathered around my face as I had really thick hair in my teenage years. If I didnt have the layers put in, I literally just had a wedge shape at the back of my head! Attractive!

I’ve also dyed my hair a few times. I went through a phase is Upper School (maybe year 11) when I dyed my hair a dark red colour and I fell in love with my hair like that. Problem was, when my roots started to come through, I either had to re-dye it red, or dye it back to its natural colour which is what I did. And this then lead to one of the worst moments of my life.

Toni & Guy frequently do deals where if you get an apprentice to do your hair, then you get it for 50% of the actual price. This was when I decided to have T Section highlights. Now I won’t lie, I loved having highlights, I just didn’t like the process!
Now when I had these done, I’d not long dyed my hair back to brown. They did ask whether I’d used a henna dye and I said no, not really understanding why it would matter. The trainee then proceeded to put the dye & foils on and left me for 5 minutes. When he came back, the foils had started to heat up because the highlight dye had reacted with my brown hair dye and could have caused my hair to fall out! I panicked so much that I was going to lose chunks of my hair. Luckily they managed to save it! But that definitely put me off have highlights ever again.

As much as I love my hair, there are currently 2 things I dislike.
1 – I’m actually starting to find grey hairs at the age of 25 – meaning that I will need to start dying it again. (Thanks Dad for the great genes with hair!)
2 – It never holds a style. I can curl my hair before leaving for work in the morning, spray it with hairspray and by the time I get to work, the curls have dropped out! Its so irritating!

So that is my hair story. I hope you enjoyed reading it!


L’Oreal Elvive Fibrology #1

Hey Lovelies

So I bought into the hype surrounding this product range.I bought the shampoo, conditioner & intensive masque as it is currently 3 for 2 at Boots. I’ve always had relatively thick hair but as I’m getting older, I feel that its getting thinner, especially at the front. This makes me even more willing to try out a product that claims to thicken hair wash after wash.

This is what L’Oreal claim:

A breakthrough in the science of hair, L’Oréal Laboratories have created L’Oreal Elvive Fibrology Thickening Masque, proven to give long-lasting thickness wash after wash. Hair looks and feels thicker with volume and bounce.


A patented ingredient proven to penetrate the fibre and expand hair from within
– Penetrates deep within the fibre
– Expands & increases the diameter of each hair
– Remains in the fibre for a long-lasting, cumulative effect

Now I only bought these today and used them for the first time once I’d got back from town so obviously I can’t give you a full review on them yet. But they do smell amazing. The shampoo & conditioner are white in colour & the intensive masque is a baby pink. I’ve fallen in love with them just for the smell! So for the next 4 weeks, I will be giving you guys a weekly update on a weekly basis and let you know if I think they are actually doing anything to my hair.

I’ll be back next week with the first review!


Boots Haul

Hey lovelies

I have discovered a huge downfall to working in the town centre and that is that on my hour long lunch breaks I have to fight the urge to go out shopping!
As you can tell by the title of this post, I failed at staying in the building today!!

So here’s what I bought:

First up its the Palmers natural bronze body lotion.
I am in desperate need of some tan on my skin because I am so pasty. I purchased this having seen other bloggers raving about it so I thought I’d give it a go. It was just under £5 so if its not any good then I don’t feel that I’ve wasted too much on it.
Next is the Aussie miracle moist shampoo, conditioner and 3 minute miracle deep conditioning treatment. My hair has been feeling really dry and damaged recently so I decided to buy some of this. I’ve been using Tresemme Spilt Remedy and its just made my hair feel weird. I’ve used Aussie products before and I loved them so I thought these would be just as good! These were on 3 for 2!
I also bought the neutrogena pink grapefruit daily scrub to try and bump up my skincare routine. I did a post on that a while back and I will do an updated version soon. I will probably only use this in the morning to clean my face then use my other products in the evening.
I was in desperate need of a new blusher so I picked up one from the Collection range in the colour ‘trouble’
Finally I bit the bullet and purchased an Essie nail polish. I bought the shade ‘mademoiselle’ which is a very pale pink. I will probably wear this on my nails everyday because its such a pale colour.

So that’s what I bought.
have you been on a shopping spree lately l? What did you purchase?


MAC Face & Body Foundation

Hey lovelies!

Sorry I haven’t blogged in a few days but I’ve been on a lovely little mini break to Wales with Tom! I will be posting about that in a couple of days

So I’ve been promising a blog post on my most favourite foundation of the moment so here it is!

I purchased this just over a month ago and I fell in love with it on first usage.
It has quite a thin, watery texture which does make it very interesting to try and apply without it running straight off your fingers or soaking into the brush. It gives a very light coverage, kind of like a BB cream but it is buildable if you need a higher coverage.

I tend to apply this with my fingers to my forehead, cheeks, chin & nose then buff it in with my Real Techniques buffing brush.

I originally wasn’t going to spend the money on MAC makeup but I decided that I should try some more high-end products. I’d read some good reviews and decided that I would give it a try and I’m so glad I invested in this foundation.
I bought it straight from the MAC website and it cost £21.50 for a 50ml bottle which is lasting ages because I’m using so little each time.

So if you’re thinking of investing in a high end foundation I would definitely recommend this one!

have you tried MAC face & body?