May Favourites

Hey lovelies,

I’m back today with my May favourites so let’s get straight to it

First up is the Origins Clear Improvement Mask. I am absolutely in love with this mask. It leaves my skin so soft and it definitely helps clear up my skin when I’m having a break out. It’s a clay mask that sets hard on your face. I think this has taken the place of the Sanctuary Thermal Detox Mask in my heart!
Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer – This is one of the best concealers I’ve used. It’s a duo concealer so there is a light colour to cover any blemishes and a darker colour to conceal dark circles. And this definitely cover dark circles!! This is well worth the £10 price tag. I’ve been using mine for 3 months and I’ve barely dented the concealers in their pans.
Champneys Hip & Thigh Firming Gel – now I cannot guarantee that it actually does firm the skin but it is a gorge pau smelling gel that is cooling on the skin. I’ve been using this everyday after showering and I absolutely love it!
Soap & Glory Breakfast Scrub – Oh.My.God this stuff is amazing. It smells amazing, it feels amazing and I will be repurchasing when I run out. It’s quite a harsh scrub so I only tend to use it once a week but it leaves my skin super soft.
MAC Zoom Lash Mascara – I bought this on a whim when I was in Debenhams MK buying the MAC SkinFinish Powder. I saw it at the till and thought ‘why not?’ Now anyone who knows me well enough will know that my eyelashes are rubbish. Until I purchased this, I had not found a mascara that lengthened my lashes and gave them volume without looking clumpy. This mascara gives the perfect amount of volume for day to day wear and this is also on my repurchase list!
TreacleMoon Candy Car in Mallow Hearts – I bought this as it was offer in Tesco and I really needed bubble bath! It’s the sweet smelling but not overly sickly and it gives a crazy amount of bubbles for a small amount. I definitely want to try some more from the TreacleMoon range so if you have any recommendations, send them my way!
W7 Powder Blush – This also came in the Northampton Blogger Meet goodie bags. I hadn’t heard of the brand W7 before this and I was a bit wary of the colour when I saw it as it is vibrant but if you use a really small amount (as it is really highly pigmented) it gives a beautiful wash of colour to the cheeks.
Anna De Jeunesse Liquid Gold – I’ve already written a post on this but oh my god, I love it even more. The smell pulls me back in every time because it’s just such a luxurious smell! I won’t bang on about this – if you want to read more then check out the review.

So there is my May favourites! If you share any of my favourites, let me know in the comments below!

What are your favourites this month?



Another Life Update

Hey Lovelies,

Apologises for being so absent again. Everything in my world went a little bit topsy-turvey for a couple of weeks and I was also suffering with bloggers block, but hopefully I’m over that now.

So here’s what has been happening in my world recently


So as you all know if you read my blog, I work for Debenhams. What you probably won’t know is that when I joined in August last year I was well and truly thrown in at the deep end. Within a month of me starting as supervisor, my manager went off on long term sick and only made a brief appearance over Christmas before they left completely. So I’ve been running the cafe on my own virtually since day one. Now i’m not saying that is a bad thing. Its massively improved my development and I’ve learnt a lot more by actually having to learn it myself!
Now, we are currently awaiting an internal & external audit so everything’s gone a bit cray as I’m having to check, double check & then triple check all my paperwork! But the bonus of this is that if I pass the audit with flying colours – there is absolutely no give & take with food services, you either pass with a minimum of 98% or you fail completely (no pressure) – then I will actually be given the managers job as my store manager recognises that I’m working my hardest to move the business forward. So – as my store manager said – there’s my carrot, I just have to get it.


So we moved house at Easter, into Tom’s parents house with his younger brother. There have been a lot of ups & downs in the last four weeks that we’ve lived here. However, we are moving again in 5 weeks as we have bought our own house which is very exciting! We were loaned the money for our deposit and we went and visited a new development over in Rushden, fell in love and put a reservation on it. So we are now super excited as this will be our own little house to live in once we’re married and I cannot wait to get my interior designer head on and start picking little things for around the house. I’m already eyeing up a dressing tables and some MUJI storage for all my makeup! 


And finally, the biggie. We get married in almost exactly 3 months! Time has completely flown past and we are now just getting around to send the invites out. We still have a few little bits to sort out but this is where you guys come in. I will be documenting the final 3 months in the run up to the wedding with hair trials, makeup trials, pictures of invites, wedding shopping, the entire lot (and of course there will be a post wedding post once I’m back from our honeymoon!) I’m so excited to share the run up to the big day with you lovely lot and hopefully you’ll enjoy seeing into my day.


So that’s where I am in life right now. There will be some posts up in the next few days, I’ve got a manic weekend at work to get through first and then I’m all yours! 

See you soon


Catwalk by TIGI

Hey lovelies

Another review for you today. This time is the Catwalk by TIGI Headshot Shampoo & Conditioner from the Reconstruction range.

In the run up to the blog meet, Mia emailed us all and asked us to pick a shampoo & conditioner from TIGI. I chose the Reconstruction range as I’ve always got slightly damaged hair as I’m always heat styling my hair.

I love the smell of these, they just smell luxurious and almost a little menthol-like (just me?) The shampoo lathers up really well even if you use the tiniest amount  and the conditioner leaves my hair feeling super soft and silky

photo 3 (6)The packaging on these is gorgeous and very sturdy. And the packaging is my only issue with these products. The shampoo bottle is fine as the shampoo just pours out. However getting the conditioner out of the bottle whilst in the shower is a complete and utter pain! Because the bottle isn’t overly squeezable (is that a word?!) it takes an age to get any conditioner out. I have to hold the bottle in one hand, balance it on the other palm and try to squeeze the bottle with both hands to get any out!!

So all in all, I love these products and I will definitely be trying more products from TIGI

Have you tried TIGI products?


Anna De Jeunesse Liquid Gold

Hey lovelies,

So as I mentioned in the Northampton Blog Meet posts, I won a prize in the raffle! I got to choose the item that I wanted and I loved the sound of Liquid Gold so thats what I picked (obviously!)

Its by a brand called Anne De Jeunesse who I hadn’t heard of until the meet up. Their website says that their products are : “A young, natural, fresh line designed to produce radiant skin with all the freshness of its natural ingredients which benefit the skin from the first application.”

So onto the Liquid Gold:
photo 1 (5)
The packaging on both on the box & bottle is very simplistic which I like. I love the bright pink box as it feels very girly! And anyone who knows me, knows I’m the least girly person ever! It has a screw top with a little plug in the top so that if you knock the bottle over without the lid on, you won’t lose any product.

photo 2 (5)
Onto the actual product.

Here’s what the website says:Dry-textured, delicately perfumed Argan oil that nourishes and tones the skin, giving it a silky texture, adds gloss to hair and strengthens the nails, making them more resistant. Has high moisturising power and maintains the skin’s firmness and natural elasticity, softening, regenerating, soothing, protecting and toning the epidermis. Argan oil is rich in vitamin E.”

Its a lovely golden colour (obviously as dictated by the name!) and it smells gorgeous. I only use this in the evenings and the first few applications, I over poured this onto my hands as there is no pump. So I ended up covering my face in a very thick layer which wasn’t my intention! I’ve since learnt to pour a little slower.

Not only can you use this on your face but you can use it on your nails to strengthen them and even use it on your hair as a treatment.

I have definitely fallen in love with this and I will probably repurchase when I eventually run out!

Have you tried any products from this brand? Have you tried Liquid Gold?


Love Me Beauty – April

Hey lovelies,

I decided to subscribe to Love Me Beauty after hearing lots of good things about it and seeing Mikhila’s (Miss Budget Beauty) unboxing of them when she receives them.
I’ve not had a box subscription since Glossybox over 2 years ago but the fact that you could choose a box that you would actually use makes the Love Me Beauty box one of the better one. Yes, you don’t get the surprise – although I normally forget before I get mine what is going to be in there! – but at least you know that you will get some use from the products.

So here is what I got in my first box:
photo 1 (4) photo 2 (4)

So first up is the Neal & Wolf Smoothing Blow Dry Balm (full size – £12.50) Now if I’m completely honest, I left my box ordering too late and there was only the one edition left as opposed to the three so I didn’t get a choice on this one. However I adore the packaging, simple & professional looking. It has one of those lids that you push part down and part pops up so you can dispense some onto your hands. It also smells pretty good but once I’ve given it a whirl, I’ll let you guys know what I think about it.
Next is the Redken Colour Extend Conditioner (sample size) I don’t have crazily coloured hair. It is dyed, however its dyed a slightly different shade of brown. So I’m not sure what this will do for my hair, but I’ll use it up!
Next is a gorgeous nail varnish from Models Own (full size) I’ve never tried a Models Own nail varnish before so I’m excited to try this out. Its in the shade Coral Reef which I might even use on my nails & bridesmaids nails on my wedding day as coral is my colour!
And finally is the Betty Hula – The Secret Wonder Oil (travel size) You use this on any dry areas of your skin & it can help tackle signs of eczema, stretch marks, sun burn and pigmentation. 

As an added bonus, Love Me Beauty have teamed up with Hello Fresh to offer the subscribers a £25 gift card. Hello Fresh is essentially a food box and they deliver fresh ingredients along with recipe cards. You can choose to get boxes for 2 or 4 people for either 3 or 5 meals. I will be using my gift card but once we’ve moved house. I’ve already looked online and I would pay £14 when I use the gift card so its worth a shot for one box!


Do you subscribe to any beauty boxes? Which ones?


Northampton Blogger Meet – The Goodie Bags

Hey lovelies,

I know this post is a little later than planned but in big exciting news – we’ve bought a house!!! So I’ve been off dealing with the paperwork, but here in all its glory is the #northamptonbloggermeet goodie bag post!
So when we got to Pizza Express, Amber & Mia had already put all the goodie bags in the restaurant. There was 2 hanging on the back of our chairs, one with a tin of Kusami BB Detox tea (which is currently in my office at work) and a Blogger Programme fabric bag stuffed full of yummy treats. We got 4 bags of Metcalfe Skinny Topcorn – Heat & Sweet, Sargant Salt, Sweet & Salt, and Sweet Cinnamon Spice. I absolutely loved these especially the Heat & Sweet flavour – yummy! We also got a packet of PopChips, Hotel Chocolat Salted Caramel Puddles and a bar of Sesame Seed chocolate!

Then onto the main bulk of our goodie bag
photo 3 (5)
I’ll start from the top (I’ve already mentioned the things on the right hand side of the picture)
So first up is the Catwalk by TIGI Headshot Shampoo & Conditioner. These smell amazing and I was intrigued as to what they would do for my hair. There will be a review up on here in a week or so – keep your eyes peeled!
Next is some sachets from Oqibo. This is a brand I’ve never heard of and I’m still to try the products in the samples. Then theres 3 mini samples of La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo[+] which I absolutely love so I’m so happy we got some minis of these – perfect for travelling! Underneath those as some samples from Viridian. There is a small tub of coconut oil and some vegetarian capsules which again I’ve not tried but I’ve smelled them and I’m not overwhelmed by the smell! But I might give them a try – keep an eye on my twitter for an update!
Then there is a sample of the NSPA Hot Cloth Polish which I’ve been using as a second cleanser in the evenings to remove all my makeup. Its definitely something I would buy the full size of.
There is a tube of They’re Real mascara from Benefit. I just cannot get on with this mascara. It makes my eyelashes really clumpy and stiff and it really does nothing for them! However I have been told it is better when it starts drying out in the bottle so I’m just going to wait and then try it out again.
Next up is a dry shampoo from Paul Mitchell. Again, I’m yet to try this however a dry shampoo is a dry shampoo so I’m sure it’ll be good!
Then we have 3 products from FemFresh – a deodorant,  a daily intimate wash and some freshen up wipes (which I think would be great for festival season!)
And then finally on the top row we got some makeup! There is 3 products from W7 which is a brand I’ve heard of but never tried. We got a powder blush which looks crazily pink but is actually quite pale on the skin. We also got a tinted moisturiser (not pictured) which I’ve been using on a daily basis in place of a normal foundation and I love it. And finally we got a lipstick. Mine is a bright red glittery lipstick. I’m not sure when I’ll wear it as its not really a colour that suits me. We also got 2 nail polishes – one from Topshop (mine is Grey) and one from Beauty UK called Shoreditch Electric Blue.

Onto the products on the left hand side (there was sooo much stuff!!)
Firstly there was a sample of Gentle Cleanse & Make Up Remover from Green People who are an organic brand. I’ve been using this in the evenings to remove my makeup and it does a really good job. Love it!
We got a bottle of perfume from Yves Rocher, a toner from Skinetica & a make up brush from Nanshy. Still need to give these products a go!
We also got an instant tan from Make Believe. I am up for giving this a go once I get a new tanning mitt! I’m not a big fake tan person but if its instant, i’ll give it a shot!
Next up was another dry shampoo but this one was a little different. Its from Ambience and rather than a spray, its a powder dry shampoo. You tip the brush every so slightly so that the powder comes to the top and then you brush onto your roots, I’m definitely excited to try this.
Next to that is a tube of Pearl Drops toothpaste. I’ve already been using this before we got the bags as I purchased one the other week and its definitely whitened my teeth!
We got a Thigh & Hip Firming gel from Champneys. I’ve used this a couple of times and I love the smell of it – not sure what it will do for my hips & thighs!!
And finally we got some mini samples from Green People & Anna De Jeunesse which I can’t wait to try.
The other thing you can see in this picture is a pink box from Anna De Jeunesse. It contains a bottle of Liquid Gold which I won in the raffle at the start of the day. I will be doing a review on this because I fell in love with this within two uses! So look out for that!

So that is everything I got in the goodie bags! Once again, thanks to Mia & Amber for organising such a good day and giving us so many amazing products to try!

Lots of Love



All Used Up #1

Hey Lovelies

I’m back on the blog again! If you saw my last post, you will understand why I’ve been away but I’m all settled and ready to blog again.

Now I never collect enough over the month to do a monthly empties, so I’m going to start a new series called All Used Up. This will be posted whenever I have enough empties to warrant a blog post on them! (so probably every 2 months or so!)

So here is the first edition!

photo (2)

First up – the boring deodorant. This will always be in the empties. This is one of the compressed cans from Sure which is handy because I can just shove this in my handbag if I need to and it won’t take up too much room. Not really much else I can say about this. I don’t particularly like the scent  of it as its too powdery but a deodorant is a deodorant!

On to the skincare & hair care, which is basically the rest of the empties! There is the Organic Surge First Class Mask. I won this (maybe not this exact bottle) in a competition run by Miss Budget Beauty in conjunction with Organic Surge. I think I’ve promised you guys a review on this for months and never got there but once I repurchase this, there will be a full review. But I loved this mask, my face always felt so soft after using this.

Next is the Charles Worthington Salon At Home Moisture Seal Masque. I absolutely fell in love with the scent of this. It smells like a proper, really expensive salon masque but for a bargain price. You are supposed to use this a quick masque whilst in the shower, however I spread this all over my hair, massaging in as suggested and then wrapped my hair into a Primark hair turban and left the masque on for a couple of hours to really soak into my hair and hydrate it. This is a definite repurchase!

On top of that there is a small bottle of the Philosophy ‘When Hope Is Not Enough’ Serum. I bought this in the Boxing Day sales as part of a Philosophy gift set. The smell of this isn’t brilliant. I’m sure another beauty blogger said to me on Twitter that it smelt a little like sambuca! So once I’d learnt to ignore the smell, this product worked wonderfully on my skin. I didnt get any breakouts while using it. I used it as the last step in my evening skincare for a while and it left my skin glowing and soft in the morning. Not sure I would repurchase though as it is rather expensive.

Next up is another face mask – this time its the Sanctuary Spa 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask. Its a clay mask which feels warm when you put it on your face and cools down but never really sets the way most clay masks would. I used this in conjunction with the Organic Surge Mask because I only used this on my forehead, nose & chin. This is mainly because I have quite dry cheeks at the best of times and I thought this may dry them out even more. I can tell you now that I looked very attractive with a grey forehead, nose & chin and then bright white cheeks (there are no pictures so you’ll just have to trust me!) This is another repurchase however at the moment I’m using the Origins Clear Improvement Mask but there will be a review/comparison post coming up very soon!

And finally there are 3 body butters, all of which are sample sizes. There is The Body Shop Deluxe Chocolate Body Butter, Soap & Glory Butter Yourself & Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter – all of which I got in gift sets at Christmas. I adore the two Soap & Glory body butters. They left my skin feeling super hydrated and they smelled gorgeous so I’m hoping that Soap & Glory is on 3 for 2 at the weekend as I’m attending the Northampton Blogger Meet and I can guarantee that we will end up in there! I wasn’t overly enamoured with The Body Shop Deluxe Chocolate Butter. As much as I loved the smell, I felt the consistency was really strange compared to the other body butters I’ve used from The Body Shop. It was almost solid which I had to scrap out with my fingers and then it turned to an oil when II applied it on my skin. Not loving it!

So there you have my first All Used Up post. I hope you guys enjoyed reading about what products I’ve used.

What products have you used up recently?